Intelligent Assistants for Customer Experience (CX)

How to maximize digital channels by offering conversational experiences that directly impact profit.

Today’s business leaders are keeping customer experience at the heart of every business decision and with good reason – a good customer experience directly impacts your bottom line. That’s why smart companies are looking to a new wave of intelligent assistant technology to revolutionize old notions of customer service.

In this white paper, Intelligent Assistants for CX, you’ll learn:

  • Why companies are turning to AI-based intelligent assistants (IAs)
  • How IAs deliver personalized, instant and scalable service across channels
  • Why messaging apps and live chat fall short
  • Criteria and traits of high-quality IAs
  • How to align your IA with business goals
  • Real world results from Amtrak, Charter Spectrum and more

The way you think about customer experience is a “bot” to change.

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